1. A mixture between a “Bro” (a friend) and a “Protein” (a class of nitrogenous organic compounds)

  2. A wise and trusted upper year student, experienced in Biochemistry

    • "She needed a Brotein to show her the world of Biochemistry."

    • “You should volunteer as a Brotein!”

The Brotein Mentorship Program is a service offered to incoming second year students to help them navigate their journey through the dynamic experiences studying Biochemistry has to offer. We have hand-picked a team of dedicated and knowledgeable upper year mentors to ensure students have a smooth transition into our family. We have done our best to create complementary base pairs between mentors and mentees to form the strongest ionic bonds. Our hope this year is to provide the opportunity for Biochemistry students to network and share experiences to give the best academic, extracurricular and peer support. Above all, we hope the bonds formed through this program carry far beyond the cycle of everyone’s undergraduate degree!

Keep calm and peptide bond,

David Cheerie & Toni Luongo

VP Broteins 2019-2020