1. A mixture between a “Bro” (a friend) and a “Protein” (a class of nitrogenous organic compounds)

  2. A wise and trusted upper year student, experienced in Biochemistry

    • "She needed a Brotein to show her the world of Biochemistry."

    • “You should volunteer as a Brotein!”

The Brotein Mentorship Program is here to help guide incoming second year students through the remarkable and rough parts of our program, in order to help students transition more smoothly into our family. This program will act as the ligase that matches a Brotein Mentee to a Brotein Mentor like the sticky ends of recombinant DNA. By pairing upper year mentors with second year mentees to create Brotein dimers (1 mentor to 1 mentee) and Brotein aggregates (1 mentor to several mentees), we hope to give biochemistry students a network to share their experiences and to provide academic/extracurricular help to one another. Most importantly, we hope that the connections made through the Brotein program provides everyone with lasting bonds!

Thank you!

Keep calm and peptide bond,

Meaghan Doyle & Kevin Huynh

VP Broteins 2018-2019