Updated: Professors still accepting research students for 2017

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Still looking for a research or thesis position for 2017? If you're wondering which professors may be worth contacting, this updated list might help you out.

Shari-Ann McCollin polled faculty members in late December asking them to indicate whether their labs were full or still open to new students. Here are the results:

Not accepting or lab is already full:

  • Brian Leber
  • Deb Sloboda
  • Eric Brown
  • Karun Singh
  • Karen Mossman
  • Lesley MacNeil
  • Lori Burrows
  • Mark Larché
  • Matt Miller
  • Russell Bishop
  • Thomas Hawke

Still interviewing/accepting applications:

  • Allison Holloway
  • Brian Coombes
  • Ishac Nazi (Please send CV and transcript when contacting Ishac.)
  • Jon Draper
  • Richard Epand
  • Sandeep Raha (Update: Dr. Raha's lab is now full.)

Shari would also like to remind students that they are welcome to seek supervisors outside of the Department in the case of research for course credit. However, projects must have a "significant biochemical component" and are subject to approval. For a complete list of BBS or associated faculty members, visit this page. Additional questions can be directed to biochemistryadvisor@mcmaster.ca.