UPDATED: Biochemistry Research & Thesis Night to take place on January *16th

UPDATE: The event has been rescheduled and will now take place Monday January 16th.

Excited by the thought of a volunteer position, summer job, or a project or thesis course involving biomedical science research? If yes, you chose a fantastic university and program, but the process of finding a position can be daunting and difficult – especially if this is your first search. Come to Thesis & Research Night to hear about what what supervisors look for, how to apply, and have the opportunity to ask questions and receive tips and tricks. Whether you're planning ahead or panicking through crunch time during the current application season, you won't want to miss this event.

The evening will take place as follows:


  1. Dr. Matthew Miller will speak about the qualities he looks for in potential and current research project and thesis students.
  2. BBSS members will briefly discuss "BIOCHEM" research course options (ex: 3R06).
  3. McMaster Biochemistry alumni will discuss their current and past lab experiences, give advice on the research project and thesis courses, and more in a speed-dating type style.


  1. BBSS members will be around to help with emailing professors, discuss their lab experience, and answer your questions.

For updates surrounding Thesis & Research Night, including the finalized location, follow the Facebook event page.