Welcome to BBSS External, the side of BBSS that helps reduce the environmental stress of Biochem by giving you opportunities to drop books and increase your kinetic energy! This program strives to ensure that Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences students are able to maintain a neutral pH between the academic stress of BBS and the a healthy mind and body through sports and activities of YOUR choice! This program allosterically inhibits the senesce of your brain cells after the long hours of studying endless Biochemical processes.

For 2019/2020, we hope to bring a variety of events that will appeal to various interests to engage as many BBS students as possible and further reinforce the community feeling that exists within BBS, while giving you an opportunity to meet and form bonds with fellow Broteins! As always, we are organizing an intramurals team for both semesters with Ultimate Frisbee being your voted sport for the 2019 Fall semester! All sports are co-ed and open to everyone! We always play in either the PlayFUN or COREC league to ensure a fun and friendly environment that welcomes everyone of any skill level to come and vent out their frustration from their contaminated gel!

Check out our External BBSS page on Facebook here and remain bound to information on upcoming intramural games! Make sure to keep your active sites open for future events as they will surely stimulate your receptors!

Catch you guys around,

Kush Patel


2019-2020 VP External