Welcome to the powerhouse of the Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences Society: BBSS External (a higher priority than the mitochondria!). Our athletics program aims to engage Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences students of all ages in a variety of sports and healthy activities to increase endogenous endorphin levels and maintain homeostasis.

For the 2017-2018 academic year, we plan on organizing a biochemistry-exclusive intramural teams. Teams are co-ed and we encourage everyone to sign-up because everyone knows that pipetting accuracy and data analysis skills directly translate to killer athletic techniques and plays. You'll also want to join this Facebook group to keep up with details about when our games are.

Additionally, this year we look forward to hosting many events to get you away from the lab bench and together with your biochem pals, so look out for updates in the future. 

Thank you kindly,

Steven Huynh


VP External 2018-2019