Want to be part of the Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences Society's executive team for this school year?

We are currently looking for three second year Biochemistry students for the BBSS as VP External, VP Fundraising and VP Social (one second year student for each position). On the society, you will be working with 1-2 upper year students throughout this academic year. Please find the descriptions for each position below.

All executives will create, contribute to and support initiatives during events and weekly meetings to foster a positive academic and social environment throughout participation in all BBSS and related events. All executives will represent the opinions of their fellow Biochemists in their respective year of study, while advertising upcoming events hosted by BBSS through in-class announcements, word-of mouth and online postings on the respective Biochemistry Facebook Pages/group chats.

Apply by Saturday, September 23rd at 11:59 p.m.



Questions? Email with any questions about the positions or application process!



  • VP External

    • Organize two intramurals (one per term) and Biochem Olympics, and events hosted by other organizations, including the MSU Maroons Skate Night, encouraging Biochemistry students and Society to participate, while informing them about other athletic-related events and activities in McMaster and the community
    • Establish relationships with the BDCS and Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences GSA through mentorship and/or social events to provide opportunities for students to foster stronger connections and alliances within the community
    • Arrange volunteer committee and implement new charitable work that is local to the community, such as a raising funds amongst the Biochemistry students and Society to purchase holiday toys for the children at McMaster Children’s Hospital
  • VP Fundraising

    • Launch the annual biochemistry clothing sale by communicating with the clothing company to order a set of clothing items and organize in-person sales as well as distribution of items
    • Work alongside VP Media & Design and Marketing & Communications to set up designs and a promotional plan for advertising, respectively
    • Host a clothing design competition to feature a student’s design on an item
    • Maintain the operations of the online clothing store and discover demands for new designs and types of clothing items
    • Collaborate with other executives (i.e. prizes for Brotein of the Month with VP Brotein and contribute to creating a design with VP Media & Design for the executive clothing item)
    • Implement new fundraisers to increase available funding for BBSS events with VP Finance
  • VP Social

    • Plan and host two large events, including Welcome Social and Formal, that fosters an open space for all Biochemistry and BDC students to interact with their peers and meet new friends
    • Organize year-specific (i.e. Board Games Night) and Society socials during the holidays (i.e. Halloween and Christmas)
    • Implement new non-academic events for the Biochemistry students and Society
    • Arrange committees to increase accessibility of the BBSS to Biochemistry students, such as for formal decorations, to help foster a stronger bond between the BBSS and students